Helping Scotland's Children

At Chance to Succeed, we have a vision in which no child is held back by the circumstances they were born into. A vision in which every young person in Scotland can achieve their academic or professional goals. Together, we can help.

Using the funds generated by our participation in the Scottish Children’s Lottery scheme, we strive to alleviate the impact of child poverty and make steps toward securing brighter futures.

Give a child a chance

We’re delighted to have launched with the Scottish Children’s Lottery, a national initiative that generates funding for us, and the good causes, that we and other charities in the scheme all support.

Charities supporting children in Scotland can apply for grants and each of our charities has a group of trustees that will determine which applications will be successful for funding.

  • Qualifying criteria includes;
    • The charity applying should be a registered charity in Scotland with a charity bank account. It should also return annual accounts.
    • That the money is for a project delivered in Scotland
    • That the charity’s accounts are up to date
    • That the charity works outside or supplementary to statutory responsibilities
    • That the charity can clearly demonstrate positive impacts as it will be required to deliver an end of grant impact analysis report
    • That the charity has secured funding from another source as we will normally only give funding of up to 50% of any project – any more than this will be at the sole discretion of the trustees
  • We will only fund for one year. This is to ensure the charity is not fully reliant on our donation in future years
  • The money cannot be used for retrospective or deficit funding or repayment of loans
  • The amount of funds available for distribution will depend on the amount of tickets sold
  • The maximum grant that can be applied for is £25,000
  • Grants are normally awarded by our charity trustees quarterly
  • Details of successful grants can be found on the Good Causes page of the Scottish Children's Lottery website
  • We publish Annual Reports with details of funding in that year which is generally available